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Romani Morpho-Syntax Database

Welcome to the Romani Morpho-Syntax Database (RMS) ... RMS is best viewed in Firefox 3

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Concept: Yaron Matras & Viktor Elšík (with Christa Schubert)

Design and Development: Christopher White

Data archive: Charlotte Jones, Ruth Hill

Technical support and data processing: Hazel Gardner, Ruth Hill, Charlotte Jones, Daniele Viktor Leggio, Christa Schubert, Veronica Schulman, Anton Tenser, Eliška Vránová, Laura Arman

The project was supported by the Economic and Social Research Council (Grant no. RES-000-23-1133) ESRC logo


To browse the data go to 'Browse' and select the data layouts from the menu presented on the left. The sample can be changed using the Sample List control to the left.

To include samples from published sources click the Incl. Publications control tab above.


You can use the RMS database to generate maps of dialect forms. Go to 'Browse' and use the search facility to select the forms or form combination that you want. Save your search result, and use the map function to plot the results on the map.

You can also view a selection of pre-built maps. Go to 'Map', scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the word you want to display.