Research Projects

The Anglo-Romani project

Samples of Angloromani

(also known as: ‘English Romanes’, ’Romani English’, ‘English Para-Romani’)

The following samples were recorded from users/speakers of Angloromani, as a demonstration of how they use the speech variety. The speakers are from different families; they all live in the north of England (Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire, County Durham). Each transcription is accompanied by an audio file, and followed by a short glossary explaining the Romani-derived words.

Excerpt 1: [Listen to excerpt]

Or if I was in a place with me dad years ago, and he’d say to me/ before we went in this place he’d say to me: må rokker, let mandi rokker, til ya chib.
And I could never say nothing until I went outside.
Let mandi rokker.
And he used to say: mo/ muk’ us jå, you know.

Angloromani Romani Translation
ma ‘do not’
rokker (v)raker- ‘to speak’
mandi mande ‘me’
til thil-/ther- ‘to hold’
chib čhib ‘language/tongue’
muk mukh- ‘to let’
dža- ‘to go’

Excerpt 2: [Listen to excerpt]

If one was young boys, if w’was roguish, we’d say like/ if w’was amongst a load of gåja people, whatever, we’d say:
Jel cause mandi’s gonna del dobba.
Mandi’s gonna mår dobba akái.
It’s like broke down to a slang: ‘give me’ – del, d’you’kno’a mean, del.

Angloromani Romani Translation
gåja gadže ‘non-Roma people’
jel džal ‘goes’ > ‘to go’
mandi mande ‘me’
del del ‘gives’ > ‘to give’ > ‘to hit’
dobba odova ‘this one’ > ‘him’
mår mar‑ ‘to hit’
akái akaj ‘here’

Excerpt 3: [Listen to excerpt]

I’ll put this in a scenario for ya:
It’s like, me chingerin’ him, m/ sorry, m/ me/ me telling you off, right, and me saying to you:
Mandi’s pukkered dobba, or mandi’s pukkered lesti.
I’ve told him.
    [I’ve chingered him]
    [I’ve chingered lesti, that’s what I’d say]
I’ve chingered lesti,
I’ve chingered dobba akái.
‘Chinger’ that’s a word for/
    [I’d say ‘I’ve chingered lesti’]
Like, ‘pukkered’ means like past tense, ‘I told him’.
But chinger means to scold.
I’d say ‘I’ve chingered lesti’.
I’ve chingered him.
    [Yeh, chingered him]

Angloromani Romani Translation
chinger činger- ‘to shout, to argue’
mandi mande ‘me’
dobba odova ‘this’ > ‘him’
pukker poker‑ ‘to have a conversation’
lesti leste ‘at/to him’ > ‘him’

Excerpt 4: [Listen to excerpt]

Bish ta pansh besha, twenty-five years I’ve never really rokkered in Romani chib.
I just aj here kokkero, stay here alone, right.
So other than when I go away lenna, in the summer, meet a few people an’
‘sar-shen’, you know, an’ {ex}change one or two words.

Angloromani Romani Translation
bish ta pansh biš-ta-pandž twenty five
besha berša years
rokker (v)raker‑ speak
Romani chib romani čhib Romani language
aj ačh‑ stay
kokkero korkoro alone
lenna nilaj in the summer
sar-shen? sar šan? how are you?