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Create a new compound search

If you have created and saved any searches using the 'Search' mode function you can create compound searches from them using the form below.

Select two of your saved searches and the required logic with which to combine them and click 'Create'. You will be asked for a name for this new Search. The system will automatically prepend the name with a '*' to indicate that it is a compound search. The new Search should appear in your list of Searches.

1st Saved Search

Logic definitions

  • AND : All samples that are in BOTH searches only.
  • NAND : ANY samples that are NOT in BOTH searches.
  • OR : ALL samples that are in EITHER search.
  • XOR : ALL samples that are in EITHER search BUT NOT in BOTH.
  • NOR : ANY samples that are NOT in EITHER search.
2nd Saved Search
Logic to combine with

A 'Compound Search' functions in the same way as a normal search; however, a saved compound search cannot be edited. When in 'Search Mode' you will not be able to see the criteria for a compound search. Any attempt to submit new criteria will result in a new search being constructed.