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Help - Troubleshooting


Nothing is working...

RMS requires a modern JavaScript enabled web browser to function properly. We recommend using the latest version of Firefox. Many of the functions of RMS are very much JavaScript dependent and the speed at which these functions work largely depends on the speed of your computer and your internet connection. If you are certain that your browser meets the minimum specifications, JavaScript is active and you are connected to the internet, then try waiting a few more seconds for a response. Almost all functions require your browser to communicate with the RMS server, which requires communication over the internet.

No Data appears on some layouts.


I click to hear a phrase but I do not hear any sound.

All sound files within RMS are in MP3 format. To play the sound files you will need to have some software on your computer that can play MP3 files. It is advised that you install a browser plugin to allow the MP3 files to be played within the browser itself. To find plugins for your sepcific browser go to its web page, for example; OR


None of the videos in the help section seem to play.

The videos in the help section are all based on Flash Video (FLV files) and as such, to be played in the browser, your browser needs to be able to play Adobe Flash. A plugin for your browser can be downloaded from


The Map does not display... All I get is a blank frame.

The map system utilises Google Maps and as such needs your browser to have JavaScript enabled and a constant connection to the internet while using the mapping function.