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Seaching Sample Phrases

Each sample that originates from fieldwork has a set of transcribed phrases, most with associated sound files. These phrases form the basis of the data held within the RMS database. For samples deriving from published sources, a number of example phrases may also be available, depending on the publication (and without sound files).

It may be useful to build searches around these phrases directly, rather than on the data held within the RMS database which is a result of analysis. This section describes the two main ways that this can be achieved.

The guidelines here are relevant to the 'Sample's phrases' layout within the 'Browse' section of RMS. All instructions here assume this layout as the starting point.

Within-Sample Search

In the default VIEW mode there is a small form at the bottom the layout. This form consists of three elements labelled 'English', 'Romani' and 'Tag'. These allow you to enter the criteria on which you wish to search for phrases from the Selected sample only.

Search values for 'English' and 'Romani' are regular expressions. Search values for 'Tag' are selected from the select list by clicking on the item within the list.

All values entered for any of the elements are taken into account for the search. To actually execute the search click on the 'Search' button. The list of phrases shown will change to include only those phrases that match the search criteria entered.

Across-Sample Search

Selecting 'Search' mode will change to the 'Across Samples' search. This search works in much the same way as the 'Search' mode on any other layout.

At the top of the layout is an input box that allows the entry of search criteria that are to match with any phrase within a sample.

Each English translation is listed with an input box above it. This input box allows the entry of search criteria to match with the sample's Romani phrase for that specific English translation. Entering criteria into any of these fields will result in the Sample List being reduced to all and only those samples whose phrases match the criteria entered.

Search criteria, just like in any other layout's Search mode, are regular expressions.