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Help - Searching

Compound searches

The basic search function utilises an AND logic between each criterion entered into any one search. So, where more than one criterion is entered for any one search, the search will only match samples that match ALL the criteria entered. However, there are situations where one may wish to search for samples where one datapoint equals a specific value OR some other datapoint equals a different value. This is not possible in the standard Search mode.

Compound searches overcome this limitation. Using this function we can build and save individual searches for each of the criteria that we wish to combine with a logical OR. Once we have the individual searches we can then enter the Search Manager and build the compound search. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Search Manager.

Compound Searches are not just limited to OR logic. They can also be done using AND, NAND, OR, NOR and XOR logic; more explanation of these can be found in the Search Manager section of the database.

Once built, a compound search cannot be edited in the normal way, through Search Mode. However, the original searches will not be modified or deleted in any way so these can still be edited and then re-combined using the Search Manager.

Very complex searches can be built with this system where one combines many searches using combinations of the available logic. Compound searches can also be combined with other searches (both compound and not) to create further compound searches.