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Help - Searching the database

Building a search

To build a Search first browse to the layout that contains the data point(s) that are to be used to search upon.

  1. Enter Search mode; this will cause the layout to reload with a modified layout, designed for building search criteria.
  2. Enter your search criteria into the input box for the data point that you wish to search on. A search criterion can be a simple string to match, a regular expression or a string containing a special RMS command variable (or a combination). See Search criteria for more information.
  3. To submit a criterion press 'Enter'. Another input box will appear below the submitted criterion.
  4. Add further criteria by following the above points repeatedly for each.

As many criteria can be added as required. Each data point can contain any number of criteria; and any number of data points can have criteria entered for them.

To include data points from other layouts simply browse to those layouts while in Search mode and enter those criteria. The system remembers all the criteria entered until you click on 'Clear current search' from the Search menu, or apply a saved search.

Each time a search criterion is entered for a data point, the list of samples available in the Sample list is changed to contain only those samples that match all the criteria entered.

The following video shows two simple searches being created, saved and then plotted on the map.

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